Route4Me gives you ability to add new vehicles and assign them to a route


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Vehicles Properties

Attribute Type Description
vehicle_id string A unique 32-char ID string of the vehicle
created_time string Created time of the record
member_id integer Member ID
vehicle_alias string Internal name of the vehicle
vehicle_reg_state string Vehicle registration state
vehicle_reg_state_id string Vehicle registration state ID
vehicle_reg_country string Vehicle registration country
vehicle_reg_country_id string Vehicle registration country ID
vehicle_license_plate string Vehicle license plate
vehicle_make string Vehicle maker brand
vehicle_model_year string Vehicle model year
vehicle_model string A model of the vehicle
vehicle_year_acquired string Vehicle acquired year
vehicle_cost_new number A cost of the new vehicle
license_start_date string License start date
license_end_date string License end date
vehicle_axle_count string Vehicle axle count
mpg_city string Miles per gallon in the city area
mpg_highway string MPG highway
fuel_type string Fuel type
height_inches string A height of the vehicle
weight_lb string A weight of the vehicle in the pounds
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