A Route refers to a collection of addresses usually sorted in the most optimal sequence. A route can have many addresses. Each address can have attributes, constraints, and metadata which influence the way the route is sequenced.

You can create one or multiple routes via Create an Optimization method.

Note Properties

Attribute Type Description
route_id string Route ID
optimization_problem_id string Optimization ID
vehicle_alias string Vehicle alias
driver_alias string Driver alias
trip_distance double Route length
mpg integer Miles per gallon
gas_price double Price of the gas
route_duration_sec integer Estimated drive time of route (Seconds)
parameters Route Parameters Route Parameters. Datatype
addresses array Route Addresses. Datatype
links array Links. Datatype
directions array Directions. Datatype
path path Path. Datatype
tracking_history TrackingHistory Tracking history. Datatype
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