Optimization Problem refers to a collection of addresses that need to be visited.

The optimization problem takes into consideration all of the addresses that need to be visited and all the constraints associated with each address and depot.

It is preferable to create an optimization problem with as many orders in it as possible, so that the optimization engine is able to consider the entire problem set.

This is different from a Route, which is a sequence of addresses that need to be visited by a single vehicle and driver in a fixed time period. Solving an Optimization Problem results in a number of routes. (Possibly recurring in the future)

Optimization Properties

Attribute Type Description
optimization_problem_id string An unique ID
state integer state of optimization [1 - 6]
user_errors array User Errors
sent_to_background boolean backgound computing
parameters Route Parameters Route Parameters. Datatype
addresses array Route Addresses. Datatype
routes array Routes. Datatype
links array Links. Datatype
tracking_history array Device tracking data. Datatype
directions array Directions. Datatype
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