Insert Route Tracking Data

Insert Route Tracking Data method updates route tracking with device location and movement data.



Parameter Type Description
api_key string API key of a Route4Me account
route_id string ID of a route to insert trackind data to
format string Response format.
member_id integer ID of a Route4Me user
course integer The direction in degrees in which the vehicle is heading
speed integer The speed with which the vehicle is moving
lat number The current latitude position of the devic
lng number The current longitude position of the device
device_type string The device type submitting the data
device_guid string Device ID
tx_id string On the first request you do not need to provide a tx_id. On the second request you provide the tx_id which you got back from the first request. The tx_id is the unique group of points related to this specific route transaction
altitude string Altitude relative to sea level of the device being tracked
device_timestamp string The timestamp on the local (remote relative to the server) device
app_version string The version of the app submitting the data
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