Insert Addresses into a Route

You can insert addresses directly into existing route. In addition you have option to place the address in optimal position meaning that route will be reoptimized doing so.



Parameter Type Description HTTP Method
api_key string API KEY of a Route4Me account GET
route_id string Route ID GET
optimal_position boolean Choose to insert addresses into optimal position
One of: "true","false"
address string Address (required) PUT
lat double Address latitude (required) PUT
lng double Address longitude (required) PUT
alias string Address alias PUT
sequence_no integer Sequence Number PUT
time integer Number of seconds of service time PUT
time_window_start integer First time window start (Unix epoch) PUT
time_window_end integer First time window end (Unix epoch) PUT
time_window_start2 integer Second time window start (Unix epoch) PUT
time_window_end2 integer Second time window end (Unix epoch) PUT
order_no integer Order number PUT
cost integer Order Cost PUT
cube integer Cube PUT
invoice_no integer Invoice Number PUT
pieces integer Number of pieces PUT
reference_no integer Reference Number PUT
revenue integer Revenue PUT
revenue integer Revenue PUT
weight integer Weight PUT
first_name string Customer first name PUT
last_name string Customer last name PUT
email string Customer Email PUT
phone string Customer phone PUT
customer_po integer Customer Purchase Order number PUT
group string Group PUT
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