Create a Route

Create a new route with an optimization ID. This method plans routes using existing optimization problem.



Parameter Type Description HTTP Method
api_key string API KEY of the user GET
optimization_problem_id string Optimization problem ID POST
route_name string Route Name POST
address string Address (required) POST
lat double Address latitude (required) POST
lng double Address longitude (required) POST
alias string Address alias POST
is_depot boolean Address is depot POST
time integer Number of seconds of service time POST
time_window_start integer First time window start (Unix epoch) POST
time_window_end integer First time window end (Unix epoch) POST
time_window_start2 integer Second time window start (Unix epoch) POST
time_window_end2 integer Second time window end (Unix epoch) POST
order_no integer Order number POST
cost integer Order Cost POST
cube integer Cube POST
invoice_no integer Invoice Number POST
pieces integer Number of pieces POST
reference_no integer Reference Number POST
revenue integer Revenue POST
weight integer Weight POST
first_name string Customer first name POST
last_name string Customer last name POST
email string Customer Email POST
phone string Customer phone POST
customer_po integer Customer Purchase Order number POST
group string Group POST
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