Create an Optimization

Route4Me supports multiple optimization algorithms. Based on the parameters one or multiple routes can be created.




Parameter Type Description HTTP Method
api_key string API KEY of a Route4Me account GET
algorithm_type integer Type of the optimization algorithm
One of: "1","2","3"
parts integer For Team routes, this gives us how many routes we should create POST
route_max_duration integer Maximum duration of the route in number of seconds POST
vehicle_max_distance_mi integer Maximum distance vehicle can cover POST
vehicle_capacity integer Maximum pieces a vehicle can carry POST
vehicle_max_cargo_weight integer Maximum weight a vehicle can carry POST
vehicle_max_cargo_volume integer Maximum volume a vehicle can carry POST
subtour_max_revenue integer Maximum revenue per route POST
max_tour_size integer Maximum Stops per Route POST
route_date integer Date when the route starts in the Epoch format POST
route_time integer Time when the route starts (number of seconds after the route_date) POST
distance_unit integer Distance Unit
One of: "mi", "km"
travel_mode integer The mode of travel that the directions should be optimized for
One of: "Driving", "Walking", "Trucking", "Cycling", "Transit"
address string Address (required) POST
lat double Address latitude (required) POST
lng double Address longitude (required) POST
alias string Address alias POST
is_depot boolean Address is depot POST
time integer Number of seconds of service time POST
time_window_start integer First time window start (Unix epoch) POST
time_window_end integer First time window end (Unix epoch) POST
time_window_start2 integer Second time window start (Unix epoch) POST
time_window_end2 integer Second time window end (Unix epoch) POST
order_no integer Order number POST
cost integer Order Cost POST
cube integer Cube POST
invoice_no integer Invoice Number POST
pieces integer Number of pieces POST
reference_no integer Reference Number POST
revenue integer Revenue POST
weight integer Weight POST
first_name string Customer first name POST
last_name string Customer last name POST
email string Customer Email POST
phone string Customer phone POST
customer_po integer Customer Purchase Order number POST
group string Group POST
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