Create a Note

This API method refers to the process of adding a note to a specified route destination. You can attach image, csv or any other file to a note.


Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description HTTP method
api_key String API KEY of a Route4Me account GET
route_id String Route ID GET
address_id Integer ID of a destination in the route GET
device_type String Type of the device note was created from
One Of: "web", "iphone", "ipad", "android phone", "android tablet"
dev_lat Integer Device Latitude GET
dev_lng Integer Device Longitude GET
strNoteContents string Note content POST
strUpdateType string Update Type
One of: "area-added", "area-removed", "area-updated", "driver-arrived-early", "driver-arrived-late", "driver-arrived-on-time", "geofence-entered", "geofence-left", "insert-destination", "mark-destination-departed", "mark-destination-visited", "delete-destination", "move-destination", "update-destinations", "destination-out-sequence", "member-created", "member-deleted", "member-modified", "route-delete", "route-optimized", "route-owner-changed", "note-insert"
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